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"Magnificent Century" Turkish TV drama

Posted by Tanos on Tue 25 Sep 12, 5:28 PM

Last night mia and I watched the first episode of Magnificent Century, a historical Turkish TV drama series about Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and his Russian slave Roxelana. It was surprisingly enjoyable and naturally showed the slaves of the harem and some of their education. If you like watching D/s and M/s scenarios being played out, you might enjoy it too.

The production quality and historical accuracy (where I can tell) seem comparable to the Showtime drama "The Tudors" about Henry VIII, which BBC was also showing from 2007-2010. "Magnificent Century" is now into its third season and has been hugely successful in Turkey despite a lot of controversy, both from Islamists and Nationalists. In particular, the Turkish prime minister condemned it for putting Turkey's history in a bad light.

You can watch the first episode with English subtitles on YouTube courtesy of TurkWebTV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XCwGCIKD0Q

It's 100 minutes long. Subtitled versions of subsequent episodes are harder to find and are scattered around on different sites. There doesn't seem to be an official subtitled DVD or download you can buy anywhere.

Edited Tue 25 Sep 12, 5:41 PM