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"Namouna" by Adrien Tanoux, 1921

"Namouna" by Adrien Tanoux, 1921

The story of Namouna and Hassan is the subject of a poem by Alfred de Musset and (as Djamileh and Haroun) an opera by Bizet. Hassan was a rich Egyptian who took a new slave girl to his bed every month, before freeing her and purchasing another. When Namouna's turn came to be freed she had fallen in love with her Master and begged to be kept.

This is a smaller and earlier version of Tanoux's "Namouna" of 1922 which is in the Musee des Beaux Arts in Nice.

The 1921 version, "Namouna, la belle Esclave du Harem" ("Namouna, the beautiful slave of the harem") features Namouna by herself, whereas the next year's painting has her accompanied by another slave before they are both presented to their master for the first time.

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